The Scientific Committee will review all presentations – selection will be based on the following criteria:

  • Topic & relevance to the conference theme or the courses offered by ESEC
  • Concise statement of the benefits of your presentation to attendees
  • Speaker’s expertise, knowledge and ability to challenge delegates
  • Research findings are welcome, provided the session is aimed at students and practitioners and balanced with sufficient practical information (i.e. ‘here’s how this can be applied to …..’).


Academic paper (30 minutes)

Lecture (1-2 hours)

Seminar/ colloquium sessions (90 min-2 hours)

Workshop (1-4 hours) – are intensive, hands-on sessions with limited attendance

Presentations will be scheduled by the IWE Organizing Committee in the following session format:

  • Plenary Sessions – address all attendees and should have broad appeal
  • Concurrent Sessions – of a more in-depth nature and allow at least 10 minutes for Q&A
  • Seminars – on a particular topic with no restriction on number of attendees
  • Panel Sessions and Discussions – are sessions with one announced theme and a list of participants who address that theme but do not present separate formal papers.


In order to prepare conveniently students and receiving professors, papers or any written materials related to the presentation, should be sent in advance (6 April 2012). It is our aim to distribute papers amongst all the participants, so it is really important to respect this deadline.

Data projectors with computers will be provided in all of the parallel session rooms. We recommend that you bring your PowerPoint presentation on a USB memory stick, saved as .ppt (not ppts).