By train…

Take a taxi from the arrivals area to the Oriente railway station (about 10 minutes and should cost around 10 €). Both the airport and Oriente station lie to the north east of the town centre.Go to the upper ticketing level at the station and find the ticket kiosk for the Lisboa-Porto line.Buy a ticket, preferably for an Alfa Pendular or Intercidades train (these require reservations) from Lisboa to Porto or Braga. The cost is between 28 € and 36 € for a return journey. Trains depart Lisbon Oriente station for Coimbra approximately every hour, with journey duration of around two hours. (Check timetables at Portuguese railways). Get off the train when you arrive at Coimbra B (the main railway station). You can take another train for Coimbra A station on the same ticket from where many hotels are within walking distance.

However, if you are staying at the Meliá/ TRIP Hotel or the Residencial Botânico or Pensão Alentejana, then it is best to get off at Coimbra B station and take a taxi to the hotel (approximately 6 €). Please note that InterCity trains do not stop at Coimbra A station, so you must get off at Coimbra B.

By bus…

If you arrive at Lisbon airport and you want come by bus, you must take a taxi to the “bus station” (around 17 €). Price from Lisbon to Coimbra is 12 €, single fare.


If the visiting professors/lecturers need any help upon arrival to the city, he/she should inform in advance about expected schedules for the arrival to the train/bus station. One of the ESEC students will be pleased to provide any help concerning transportation to the hotel.